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Ever feel like you know how you want your song to go, but it feels like the voice gets in the way? It can be so frustrating – even disappointing – when our singing fails to express our artistic intent. 

What if you had a technique that could get the voice to express exactly what your heart wants to say? Imagine the exhilaration of singing with freedom. 

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Private & Group Training

Proven strategies for powerful singing with exquisite coaching support

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Vocal Producer/ Consultant

For record labels, management companies, music producers and independent artists

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Voice Pedagogy

Research-based pedagogy for those working directly with singers

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Workshops & Masterclasses

For arts organizations, conferences, universities, schools and churches. Interactive & engaging sessions with great content and live coaching demos

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I’m Kristen

Singer | Voice Teacher | Vocologist 

Founder of Sonaura

I help SINGERS figure out their voice, no matter where they are in their journey – so you can sing in a way that FEELS GREAT, overcomes old vocal hangups, meets the versatile demands of PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE, sounds AUTHENTICALLY YOU and is HEALTHY & SUSTAINABLE. 

I also help VOICE TEACHERS, COACHES & DIRECTORS build their confidence SINGING and TEACHING across styles & voice types [using a fusion of art & science from the latest research in voice pedagogy] – so you FEEL GREAT about your singing and FEEL EQUIPPED to work with a broader range of singers. 

My approach to voice is holistic. You are a brilliant blend of physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual layers. In the pursuit of vocal freedom, we’ll pay special attention to all the complex layers that make up your beautifully unique voice.

I believe in the power of process – and in the power of technique to unleash your artistry. We’ll use well-designed (achievable) strategies to scaffold your way to your highest and best. We start where you are and build (rebuild) a technique that enables your voice to beautifully respond to your artistic whim. 

While I don’t ascribe to any particular methodology, I use a responsive synthesis of a variety of methods grounded in art, science and proven strategies. I created Sonaura’s signature model built on proven strategies to help you make sense of your voice, experience AMAZING discoveries and get you singing at a level beyond what you’ve experienced so far. If you’re hungry to grow as a singer, this model is designed to help you make that happen. 

I’ve helped hundreds of singers build and rebuild their voice and I’d love to help you, too – so your singing becomes the fullest expression of what you really want to say. 

Kristen Ruiz

PS…we create a collaborative, enthusiastic learning energy together – so it’s not scary to try out new things.

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So helpful, thank you so much Kristen! I felt at ease in my recording session thanks to our lesson. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Singer-songwriter | http://www.wafiamusic.com

Location Freedom

My Clients Work with Me From

Choose from 3 Studio Options

Vibrant Online

Train from ANYWHERE

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I work with singers and touring artists from all over the world. Today’s technology is amazing – distance is no barrier. We are able to do significant, meaningful work together – in a way that feels connected, vital and powerful. You will leave each session a better singer than how you started. 

All you need is a good internet connection and a passion to grow.

Manhattan & Westchester

In the heart of it all

Private Lessons in our NYC Studio

NYC is a haven for musicians from all musical walks of life. My NYC/Metro studios are a perfect reflection of that diversity. 

If you’re in the NYC Metro area, we can meet in my Manhattan or Westchester locations. 

Mix It Up – Online and Onsite

Options & flex


In and out of NYC? Touring? Crazy work schedule? Just like having options? 

My singers have the option to mix things up – we can train in person AND online. This hybrid approach is a great choice if you love flexibility and want the training to go on uninterrupted no matter where you find yourself in the world. 

What singers are saying…

My time with Kristen has been and continues to be incredibly transformative. She makes an invisible instrument feel highly accessible because of her knowledge and ability to accurately communicate the nuances of the voice. Her sensitivity to both the emotional and physical aspects of singing has allowed me to produce sound with a much greater understanding of my own instrument.
Kiah VictoriaSinger-songwriter | http://www.kiahvictoria.com
Kiah Victoria
Kristen has completely changed the way I think, both as a singer and as a teacher. I have been studying with her since 2015 and she has instilled in my voice an ease and effortlessness I never thought possible. Our work together has included vocalism in multiple genres, all of which she is fully informed about and capable of teaching in ways that are both scientific and practical. As a pedagogue, she is diligent in staying up to date on the latest research while staying true to her own unique methodology. Kristen advocates for and supports her students in ways that go above and beyond the normal calling for a teacher. She always makes herself available to give valuable advice on singing, teaching, or career choices. Studying with Kristen has been such a tremendous blessing that I only begin to realize more and more as we continue to work together. She is a wonderful musician, a rockstar of an educator, an endless supporter of the arts and individualism, and a genuinely kind and caring soul.
Devon MeddockSinger | Actress | http://www.devonmeddock.com
Devon Meddock
It’s been an incredible privilege to be able to study with Kristen. She is a singularly expert, informed, tactful, strategic, gentle, supportive, encouraging, spacious, accommodating while encouraging, master of a teacher, and I don’t know where I’d be vocally if not for her. She has taken my voice far beyond what I thought possible during my time studying with her. I wish all aspiring vocalists would get to study with her.
Rhys TiveySinger | Trumpeter | Songwriter | http://www.rhystivey.com
Rhys Tivey
My time studying with Kristen has been a transformative vocal experience. Singing
in a positive and encouraging atmosphere has allowed me to grow and experiment
with ease. As a teaching artist, Kristen has found a way to easily incorporate
teachable moments into our lessons, which highlight the deep understanding of
vocal pedagogy. She has pushed me to be my best, while still catering to my
individuality as an artist and a human. Kristen has given me the confidence to trust
my instrument and that I have a voice that deserves to be heard.
Katie CochraneActress | Singer | http://www.katiecochranenyc.com
Katie Cochrane
I call Kristen Ruiz a voice goddess. She is transformational in the work she does with singers. I adore this woman. She is my voice teacher, mentor and friend. The way she teaches makes you feel as though you can do and achieve anything. Kristen is truly a positive light that shines 24/7.
The tools she uses with her singers are out of this world incredible, and gets you to a place vocally you didn’t think you could reach. The adjustments she does are ridiculously fast, that in one lesson you come out a completely new singer with more knowledge (and happiness) under your belt! Every change is nuanced, but it makes all the difference with where your sound energy is placed.
I trust Kristen tremendously and would recommend her in a heartbeat! You’ll feel it in the first few minutes meeting her. Trust me 🙂
Neda LahidjiSinger | Actor | http://www.nedalahidji.com
Neda Lahidji