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Sonaura's Singer Studio

The Art and Science of Possibility

The world is waiting for your voice. Let's not keep them waiting.

Collaborative, uplifting learning environment . Cutting edge techniques designed for the modern singer . Dedicated and skilled mentorship . Highly customized training . Warm and welcoming community of singers cheering you on . Overcome vocal obstacles . Discover new vocal colors unique to you . Sing with more freedom and impact . Shave years off the learning curve

What's the breakthrough you've been looking for?

 It’s easy to fall into the trap of the wishing treadmill – spinning through the cycles of hope, fear,  procrastination and false starts. 

Sometimes it just takes the right thing at the right time to break through the barriers. 

It’s time to break through. 

It’s time to thrive.

It’s time for Sonaura.  

A place for singers who want to THRIVE

Because thriving singers change the world

Develop Your Voice

Great singing becomes inevitable with a fusion of art, science and exquisite coaching support. 

Nurture Your Spirit

A singer is more than a voice. Trade limiting beliefs for a deep sense of confidence in this safe and creative environment. 

Connect with Your Tribe

No one can say what you have to say in the way you say it. Everyone has a tribe. Yours is waiting for you.

Dynamic Voice Training for Passionate Singers

Wanna work together?

Proven Strategies for High Impact Singing . Exciting, Uplifting, Focused Learning Environment . Dedicated Mentorship . Innovation that Inspires

If you are curious about this kind of high-impact voice training and would like to explore the idea of working together, contact me and we’ll set up a time to chat.

We’ll chat through your vocal goals and challenges, and discuss how this training built on a fusion of art and science is designed to help get you where you want to go.

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Unlock your voice
Unleash your singing

Level 1: 6-week Singing Program

A Proven Framework for Powerful Singing

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For professionals looking to work intensively to build mastery level skill for consistent peak performance. Learn cutting edge techniques to enhance your performance and keep your voice healthy & vibrant. 

For Voice Teachers, Coaches & Voice Care Professionals

For voice training professionals who want to learn cutting edge tools and innovative approaches to high performance voice training. Learn how a fusion of voice science and practical application can dramatically reenergize and reignite your love of teaching.  

Extraordinary Singing & Thriving Singers

A fusion of art and science changes everything

I designed Sonaura to be a place where singers thrive. Singers experience holistic training based on a fusion of of research-based practices, elite performance technique and a deep respect for the artistic soul. 

As we train together, you’ll understand your singing at a deep and nuanced level, so you can walk into any performance situation with confidence because you what you want to create and how to create it. 

Sonaura’s voice training programs are founded on an eclectic, but rigorous mix of theory, research, philosophy and heavy hitting vocal techniques. They are holistic in nature, laser-focused on both the vocal mechanism (how’s your voice functioning) and the psyche (how’re you feeling).

Sonaura’s fusion voice training is a robust approach that finds its genius in the synergy of art and science. But – if it were broken into its main ingredients, the recipe might look like this: 

If you took elite voice training and performance technique, mixed in a healthy dose of voice science and voice care research, added a huge dollop of adult learning and development theory and whisked in a touch of artistic whim, you’d get this kind of high performance voice training. 

Location Freedom

Train in New York City. From ANYWHERE in the World.

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Vibrant Live Online Studio

Powerful voice training is immediately available to you no matter where you find yourself in the world. Immersive, innovative and super effective. 

Our singers come from all over the world. You’ll find them scattered and thriving across the US, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland and Beijing.

All you need is a good internet connection and a passion to grow.

Private Lessons in our NYC Studio

Manhattan & Westchester Studios

NYC is a haven for musicians from all musical walks of life. Our NYC Metro studios are a perfect reflection of that diversity. 

If you’re in the NYC Metro area, choose from our Manhattan and Westchester locations. 


Mix It Up

Many of our clients appreciate the option to combine on-site and online training.

Our hybrid approach is a great option for those who need added flexibility because they live outside the Metro area or need to accommodate touring and work schedules.

What can Sonaura's training do for you?

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Learn a strategic process for creating amazing new levels of skill and unlocking endless possibilities. Your future self will thank you.

As you experience compounding micro-wins in your singing, your inner critic calms down and a more compassionate inner dialogue emerges. Voice transformation is bigger than just the sound.

Get clear on what you want in your singing so you can avoid time-wasting detours. Identify the essential next steps to get their and walk boldly into your vision.

Creative souls are a gift to this world. Explore what you are here to say and use your free voice to say it. 

Give your artistry wings. Coordinate your voice to immediately deliver the message of your heart. A free and vibrant voice is a gift to your artistic whim.

Don’t wait for opportunity to start getting ready. Prepare today so you’re ready for the opportunities tomorrow.

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Don't let fear hold you back from your dreams.

Singing & Voice Pedagogy Programs

Sonaura's Singer Development Studio

Sonaura's Ped Studio

Sonaura's Singer Development Studio