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Workshops & Masterclasses

Interactive and engaging sessions with great content and live coaching demos. Online & Onsite.

High performance techniques for fast and sustainable results

The goal of these sessions is to equip singers, teachers, coaches & directors with practical, effective ways to overcome vocal blocks, challenge limiting beliefs and discover new heights of what the voice can do – so you leave inspired & excited to try out these new techniques. 

All sessions include live coaching demos – so you can see (hear) for yourself how these techniques really work – across styles, voice types and skill levels. 

Workshops & Masterclasses

Overcome vocal blocks and get inspired by new levels of possibility.

Training | Strategizing | Collaborating | Nurturing | Advocating

Game Changing Content

Trade confusion for clarity in these content-rich sessions. Learn new things about your voice - through an amazing fusion of art and science. Lots of time for Q&A.

Effective Tools & Strategies

Get results with actionable techniques that make a huge difference for both the singer and the audience. Learn innovative tools for powerful performance and healthy, sustainable singing - across styles, voice types and skill levels.

Live Coaching Demos

Watch voices transform in front of your eyes (ears) and experience these techniques for yourself. Every session includes group coaching as well as a number of solo coachings.

Location Freedom: We can meet onsite, online or both

Participant Reviews

What people are saying...

Kristen's seminar was entertaining and informative. She clearly has extensive knowledge and knows how to apply it. And as important, she knows how to help YOU apply it. As someone who has run seminars, I can sometimes be somewhat critical and I can say without reservation that Kristen has GOT IT! As a participant, you are engaged, informed, and comfortable. Kristen clearly has many talents in addition to her beautiful voice. What a wonderful exeprience!
Nadine G
Workshop Attendee
Heard about this workshop and decided to go... So happy I went because the experience was awesome. Kristen used persons from the group and within minutes she was able to change the fullness and overall sound that came out of their mouth... It was amazing. If she could do all that in a few minutes... hmmm...
Christine D
Workshop Attendee
Kristen is a talented vocalist, pedagogue and Vocologist. It is a gift to work with her and know her.
Geneva M
Workshop Attendee
I took a workshop the first week of January and I it was just the right start for a great year. Kristen is full of energy and passion when it comes to voice training and singing. The workshop was a very detailed, educational and hands training based on how to project the voice, how to focus while singing and specific vocal exercises to train the voice properly. Kristen is an excellent educator, she has a way of explaining the process to her audience and making them fully understand the fundamentals of singing in order to project a great inner voice. It's a like the birth of your voice that you didn't know you had- it's pretty amazing! Loved working with Kristen and I would be honored to do it again!
Claudia B
Workshop Attendee
The seminar is extremely informative and the private lessons are invaluable. Kristen is a professional with high degree of knowledge, skill and flair!
Millie D
Workshop Attendee
I really enjoyed Kristen’s workshop. Her talent and care in taking each singer’s voice issues and making adjustments to technique in order to bring out full potential is simply astounding to witness. Kristen makes you believe that you have all the tools to sing already inside you and she can definitely unlock those tools correctly and effectively.
Jen G
Workshop Attendee

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