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The Unlock & Unleash Mastery Program

The Unlock and Unleash Mastery Programs are high performance voice coaching programs designed for dedicated and passionate singers. They are based on Sonaura’s signature training system and leverages both the power of high performance targeted voice training and the synergy of an impassioned and expressive community of singers. It takes you from merely getting by to consistently delivering high performance results. 

These results-based programs take the guesswork and frustrating trial-and-error out of the training process – which is invaluable to modern singers who need high levels of versatility and endurance. 
By leveraging cutting edge, breakthrough strategies tailor-fit to your voice – so it sounds like you and feels like you – you place yourself on the fast-track to compounding wins so you can sing at levels so breathtaking even your inner critic will be delighted.

We are currently working with singers from all over the world, from a tremendous array of different musical paths. 

This training system does not lock you into one vocal style or another. It actually does the opposite. As you learn what your own unique voice needs in order to work at its optimum function, you’ll find all kinds of new vocal colors and navigational options to apply to your music – in any style that lights you up

Do what you do in a way that feels amazing, offers you more vocal and artistic options and keeps you singing for a lifetime.

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All Songbirds Welcome

Ready to soar to new heights?

Unlock and Unleash can help.

It’s important to note, this training does not believe in taking faulty short-cuts – it is a process-oriented approach to voice development. The voice is super flexible and it is possible to create duct-taped versions of success in the moment, but those kinds of short-sighted “fixes” often cause bigger issues down the road. That’s not what we’re about at all. In voice, there is no one-size-fits-all magic formula for great singing. There are, however, processes and principles that work brilliantly when custom-tailored to your voice with precision and keen attention to detail. The rate of growth depends on a number of factors and results vary based on one’s commitment to the process. We have come to trust this process so much and the success it brings, we are fully confident if you do the work, you will see AMAZING results.

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Sing with Freedom Clarity Impact Joy

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Location Freedom

Train in New York City. From ANYWHERE in the World.

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Vibrant Live Online Studio

Powerful voice training is immediately available to you no matter where you find yourself in the world. Immersive, innovative and super effective. 

Our singers come from all over the world. You’ll find them scattered and thriving across the US, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland and Beijing.

All you need is a good internet connection and a passion to grow.

Private Lessons in our NYC Studio

Manhattan & Westchester Studios

NYC is a haven for musicians from all musical walks of life. Our NYC Metro studios are a perfect reflection of that diversity. 

If you’re in the NYC Metro area, choose from our Manhattan and Westchester locations. 


Mix It Up

Many of our clients appreciate the option to combine on-site and online training.

Our hybrid approach is a great option for those who need added flexibility because they live outside the Metro area or need to accommodate touring and work schedules.

You'll Get Training, Support & Community

Core Curriculum

A Multi-tiered Holistic & Experiential Program

What you will learn:

1. The essential mindset shifts you need to make in order to claim (or reclaim) your full potential

2. How to 10x your singing (and not work so hard for sound) by leveraging a fusion of art & science

3. How to empower yourself with confidence & knowledge while demystifying your understanding of your own vocal instrument

4. How to inspire your audience through truthful and authentic performance

5. How to sing for a lifetime by committing to the health, vibrancy and sustainability of the voice

A Proven Process to Grow Your Voice

4 Key Components of the High Performance Voice Development Framework: Your voice is a LIVING instrument, made up of many parts. Your emotions, your physiology and physical makeup, your inner sense of voice & message and who you are communicating to all influence your voice. 

We use a 4-component process to develop the vocal instrument. This process is comprised of 4 essential and interdependent parts. 

This iterative, spiraling process weaves you brilliantly in and through these elements so you can develop the skills you need for dynamic, sustainable high performance singing, helping you become the artist who inspires and transforms. 

Here is a brief summary Sonaura’s High Performance Voice Development framework:

Breath Energy

A Singer's Gold

The raw material you need to create dynamic sound without working so hard 

  • Release the blocks you have taking in air or releasing it freely
  • Discover super practical ways to energize the breath for immediate progress
  • Unpack the difference between airflow and overly driven air pressure – so you don’t confuse the two and sabotage yourself 
  • Learn how to monitor what you need on different days so you know how to adjust your personal balances for yourself as needed

Resonance Awareness

A Singer's Beacon

Your voice’s natural system that lets you know how you’re doing and how to create the vocal colors you need to sing the fullness of your heart
  • Discover how to easily radiate sound (rather working too hard and overdoing it)
  • Learn how to create a full range of authentic vocal colors so you can “paint” your songs with a full spectrum of artistic options
  • Cross-train a number of different vocalisms so you transcend limitations, maximize artistic options and sing across styles
  • Develop a deep connection to your voice’s brilliant internal physical cues – and allow those cues to guide you into vocal mastery


A Singer's Lifeline

Overcome strain and train with the long view in mind

  • Sing with amazing energy without fatiguing or wearing out
  • Learn how to energize the sound without throwing the voice into overdrive
  • Explore the difference between emotional charge and laryngeal effort
  • Use a process of target and precision to keep the voice polished, sleek and at optimal function – and keep singing for a lifetime

Artistry Development

A Singer's Message

Profoundly connect with your audience

  • Develop a process for approaching your work so you know exactly how to create powerful, compelling performances time after time 
  • Discover how to shatter limiting beliefs and let go of imposed obligations so you are free to make authentic choices that emerge out of a place of truth
  • Learn focusing techniques so you and your audiences are deeply moved and inspired
  • Bring your voice – your inner voice and your singing voice – to the world and share that thing that lights you up inside

A Few Extra Bonuses

Resources for Wellbeing Clarity Joy Growth

Voice Blueprint

A diagnostic assessment and strategic goal map

A Free 1-Hour Mindful Mentorship Consult

Explore ideas for mindful living to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, burnout and improve mental clarity, emotional responsiveness and relationship satisfaction

Done-for-You Cheatsheets, Checklists & Templates

Ready-made resources to make your journey easier

…and a few surprises along the way

Happy singers use more breath energy   🙂

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Sing with Freedom Clarity Impact Joy

Try it Yourself

Growing is living. This is your time.

Imagine what it would be like to sing with untethered passion and skill. To change lives with your music. Imagine your future self looking back at this moment – at your choice to go deeper. Investing in yourself feels pretty great, right? 

If your inner voice is calling you to something more, this may be your time. You’ve waited long enough. 

You’re a conversation away from a beautiful and transformative experience. 

Unlock Your Voice. Unleash Your Dreams.

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