free Mini-Course for voice teachers & Teaching-artists

Take Your Voice Studio Online

With the right set up teaching singing online can be transformational – for you and your singers

What”s in this free course? 

There are 5 video modules and a bonus page covering the following: 

The Pros & Cons of Online teaching

how to avoid glitches & delays

the gear you'll need

setting up your virtual room

connecting virtually with your singers

Bonus: ideas for streamlining your studio (online payments, no-hassle scheduling, etc)

Dedicated to My Teaching-Artists and Recent Grads

I created this free course to shave a little time off the learning curve as you set up your online studio.

I went through this a few years ago and now run a vibrant online studio. It’s been transformational – for both my singers and me. 

By taking one step at a time, you can absolutely create an online training experience for your singers that is deeply meaningful and impactful.

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