for Voice Teachers & Teaching-Artists

Delve deeper into the nuance of voice building using evidence-based practices, strategies and tools.


We know you're wearing all the hats.

How about NOT doing it alone?

You’re a singer. A creative. A teacher. A director. An entrepreneur. A producer/choreographer/prop designer/costume designer/arranger/coffee gopher (or whatever the project requires). 

We know you’re wearing all the hats. And it’s so much to figure out.

And your singers need you. 

They’re looking to you to get unstuck – so they can experience their own flights of vocal freedom. 

And unlocking voices can be confusing. 

So many details. So many voice types. So many personalities. So many deadlines. So many decisions. 

What if you didn’t have to figure it out all alone? 

What if you could live on inspiration and new ideas (instead of fumes and the same old stuff). 

If you’re like the other voice teachers and teaching-artists we work with, you just want to get out of your studio cave where you’re trying to figure out everything alone – 

And get some extra support. 

Grow in skill and knowledge.

And unlock your singers while nurturing your own artistry.

Would you love some support & inspiration?

We created this advanced mastermind because our grads wanted to keep going – and cultivate specialized skills as experts in the world of singer development. And build upon their pedagogical foundation.
What if you could…
  • Be so inspired that it overflows into your teaching – and that abundance and excitement fills both you and your singers? 
  • Grow your expertise & enhance your design thinking?
  • Chat through new ideas & cutting edge tools with other passionate teaching-artists?
  • Discover new ways to help your singers overcome their challenges – holistically, with keen attention to both the inner voice and the singing instrument?
  • Create a profitable private studio that feels vibrant and exciting – and supports your artistry?
Join this mastermind of talented, passionate teaching-artists – where you can development your skills and identity through discussion, exposure to new ideas in the field & collaborative practice.  

professional development
for empowered, trauma-informed, evidence-based voice training

This mastermind supports voice teachers and teaching-artists with practical skills, theoretical frameworks, entrepreneurial support, high performance mindset and exquisite mentorship.  

Grow in these 6 areas with the help of this mastermind…

Advance Your Knowledge

Current research; Comparative Pedagogy; Relevant Topics

Cultivate Your Application Skills

Design Strategies; Develop Elite Listening Skills; Pursue Mastery

Grow Your Studio

Support for Private Teachers; Entrepreneurial Support; Organizational Skills

Nourish Your Artistic Identity

Encourage Creativity, Expressivity & Vocal Freedom

Nurture Your Expert Identity

High Performance Mindset; Share Skills; Offer Masterclasses/Clinics

Build Your Community

Lively Discussion; "We Build as We Climb"; Collaborative Problem Solving; Give & Receive Encouragement

an advanced mastermind
for professional VOice teachers

support, knowledge advancement, innovation & inspiration

This mastermind meets Wednesdays @ 5:30p ET // 2:30p PT. It includes discussion, collaborative problem solving, exploration of research & relevant topics, mindset support, entrepreneurial support and practical application. 

…for LESS than the cost* of one lesson per month.

*based on current trends for professional private voice teachers


Feel free to email Kristen if you have questions or would like to discuss this further.