The world is waiting for your voice

Let's not keep them waiting

If you’re like most of the singers and voice teachers who work with me…

You’re already passionate and committed to pursuing your highest levels possible. But something feels in the way. 

You long to make a bigger contribution and are ready to sing at levels you’ve never before reached, but just aren’t sure how to get there. 

What you’ve done so far isn’t cutting it, so you’re looking for the real deal.

Sonaura was created to be a place where singers THRIVE – where you can explore your voice, build a strong, flexible technique and feel completely supported as you become the singer you’ve always dreamt of becoming.  


You're tired of waiting and ready to become the singer you've always dreamed of

The mission

Empower. Thrive. Connect


You learn how to VOCALIZE yourself so you can warm up in a way that sets your singing free. 

You collect an arsenal of strategies and tools to help OVERCOME vocal hurdles and sing all the VOCAL ACROBATICS your songs demand.

You DEMYSTIFY vocal myths and build your KNOWLEDGE of how your voice works so you can turn any day into a great singing day.

You learn how to make sense of the advice you hear in the singing world – and TRANSLATE it in a way that works for your voice. 



You train in a safe and creative environment – for both the voice and the psyche. 

Your singing will grow. Things that seemed impossible will be possible. Things that seemed hard will get easier. 

Your sense of wellbeing is at the core of this training. So if you’ve experienced past hurts related to your singing, you will have the opportunity to heal and re-narrate your relationship to your voice. 

find your tribe.

You will meet other singers who are action-takers – committed to growing as artists and agents of healing in the this world. 

You will be encouraged to own your voice (on all levels) so that those who resonate with your message and art can find you. 

Each singer has a tribe. We believe yours is waiting for you. 

4 Core Values

At the Heart of the Training

You are enough

You have a voice. It's there. It's always been there. Now it's just time to unleash it.

Radiate your soul through your one-of-a-kind vocal instrument. Decide to let go of the obligation to “sound like-be like” – it’s a burden too heavy to carry. Find out what your voice was built to do and make a big deal of it.

Think about the singers you love. We love them because they bring their ‘A’ game to the table. Soooo, don’t waste time being the C version of someone else’s A-game. Find your A-game and bring that to the table. 

Your A-game is what the world is waiting for.

process is power

With a smart process powerful singing inevitable.

Voice is complex. There are a lot of moving parts between the actual mechanical needs of the vocal machine and the human being operating it. Smart design constructs a process that honors the biological wiring of the instrument AND the spirit and desires of the person. A brilliant process offers immediate improvement while also weaving a path for future growth.

A smart process is everything in the world of consistent high performance – and it’s a lot less frustrating than random trial and error.  

When a process weaves together functional vocalism, dedicated coaching support and the art of communication, growth is inevitable. 

Technique & Artistry Need Each other

Technique is HOW the voice delivers what the heart wants to say.

A flexible and dependable technique allows you to create whatever vocal colors you need to deliver your songs with passion and impact. So it’s not technique OR artistry – it’s technique SERVING artistry. 

Technique gives artistry its wings.

your voice has a purpose

Your singing voice is the vehicle for your inner voice. And the world needs what you have to say.

When your voice is free, vibrant, responsive, dynamic, versatile, dependable and super healthy it can deliver whatever you want to say. Authentic expression is powerful and your tribe is waiting for you to speak your heart to them through song.

What will you say with your free and vibrant voice? 

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