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You love to sing, but...

If I asked you, “do you like to sing,” what would your answer be? 

A lot of people say “YES! but…”

…I’m not good enough.

…I used to sing, but lost track of it. I really miss it.

…my voice feels strained and I get this tension in my throat. 

…I can’t hit the notes I want to sing.

…I can’t sing at the volume I want.

…you don’t want to hear me – it sounds terrible.

…I don’t sound like [insert another singer’s name]

…I’ve been told I can’t sing.

…I’m not a professional, I just sing for fun.

What if you could answer that question with “Yes!!!” and dump the “but…”?

Me: Do you like to sing? 

You: [with confidence] YES!!!

Wouldn’t that feel amazing!?! Do you want that kind of confidence and freedom? It’s absolutely possible. 

"But I am not a professional singer?"

Singing is for EVERYONE who wants it. Not just the professional singers in the industry. 

So, yes, some of my singers are working professionally in the music industry. 

And some of my singers choose a completely different *non-professional* path that feels right to them. 

Singing is an intricate part of every culture. It’s power has been known to connect people since the dawn of human communication. 

Singing improves health and increases joy. It builds confidence. It forges relationships. A creative, expressive life is a life of energy.

The stories we sing bring healing. They help people feel seen and boost empathy. They help us understand who we are in the world and who we want to be. They reconcile relationships and help us feel connected to one another. 

To sing is human. 

So if you love to sing, then it’s for you!

"But what if I'm not good enough?"

Actually, what if you ARE and you just haven’t discovered it yet?

As a singer and vocologist, my job is to help you discover your voice so you can bring what’s inside you to the world. 

There are AMAZING strategies and techniques to grow your singing, probably in ways beyond what you’re even imagining right now. 

Through smart strategies based on a fusion of art and science, we can coordinate your voice to deliver the passion in your heart. 

Let’s get you singing. And even more than that, THRIVING in your singing. 

I’ve seen so many singers go from feeling stuck and not good enough to completely and powerfully unleashed in their singing. It’s really remarkable. 

You can go from stuck and not feeling good enough to powerfully unleashed, too. It’s absolutely possible.

Experience brilliant singing in your life. And love whatever path you’re on. 

"But I don't know what a singing life looks like?"

Create a singing life that makes sense for YOU. Singing is a really big, inclusive, diverse art form – there’s room for everyone. And no two paths look the same. 

Here are some places singers are using their voices in really powerful and meaningful ways: 

  • Family & Friend Weddings
  • Singer in a Local Band
  • Sing in a Choir or Vocal Ensemble
  • Song-writing
  • Sing for relaxation and personal fulfillment at home after work
  • Small Venue Concerts & Cabarets
  • Sing in Restaurants and Bistros
  • Sing at Church & Synagogue
  • Community Outreach like Town Events, Nursing Homes/Assisted Living, Hospitals, Hospice
  • Community Theater
  • Sing on Your Own Youtube Channel or on Your Blog/Vlog 
  • Share Songs via Facebook
  • Sing with Children

…and much more

There are lots of ways to weave singing into your life. 

Discover your voice and be the singer you’ve always wanted to be. Let’s do this!

Are you a songbird? Do you have a singer's heart? Then it's simple, you need to be singing!
It's part of you - and guess what, you're wired for it!

This workshop is for you if...


Monday, October 1st 2018

6:00-8:00 pm

Madilyn Clark Studios

10852 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood, CA (Studio A)

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*Registration required. It’s FREE, but limited seating available*

Workshop for Women.
All experience levels welcome

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