If you’re ready to shave years off the learning curve, sign up for a Singer’s Breakthrough Strategy Session to get started right away.  

Singers are amazing people

In all of their sparkly diversity, they put themselves out on the field of play – brilliantly navigating an invisible instrument. What makes it even more striking is they can’t even see the actual vocal machine they’re operating, or the sound it produces. Often times, they don’t even know how they do what they do. But they’re doing it – and impacting the hearts of all those listening. Amazing. 

sometimes maneuvering an invisible instrument is hard.

But sometimes it feels like Something's in the way

When things go wrong it’s super difficult to tell where the issue lies. Was I not trying hard enough? Was I pushing too much? Why did it feel great yesterday, but today it feels stuck? Why am I so nervous? Why does this technique work for that singer, but not for me? How do I wade through all the conflicting advice and find what will work for me? The questions go on and on. 

We LOVE singers. And we understand this path very well. We’re singers and we’ve been there.

so we designed the singer's breakthrough session

We designed this session to give you real insight into your voice. There are pieces of information we will give to make things a lot clearer – and singing a lot easier. 

This session also gives us the opportunity to work together and make sure we’re the best fit for each other. You need to choose a training program that works for you and is aligned with where you want to go. We need to work with singers who are committed and all in. This is a great chance to figure all that out. And we make sure the hour is packed full of value for you.

Singer's Breakthrough Strategy Session

45-Minute One-to-One with Assessment, Coaching & Discovery
$ 47 For a Limited Time Only
  • How to discover YOUR voice so your singing takes on deeper impact and authenticity​
  • Dive into the biggest challenge preventing you from experiencing freedom in your singing
  • Discover a 5-point holistic framework for fully expressing yourself in your singing​
  • Identify what you can do right now to put your voice on the fast-track to high performance results​
  • Shave years off the learning curve so you can create extraordinary results​
Diagnostic Included

100% Guaranteed

We want you to feel confident making the decision to sign up for this session, so we’ve taken out all the risk. 

If you decide to sign up for one of our programs following the session, we will apply this investment as a credit towards that program. 

We’re confident you will find this session extremely valuable, but if for any reason you are not satisfied with the value you receive, we’ll happily refund your investment.